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Ancient River Kayak

Aloha! Welcome to the Wailua River's most "da kine" tour. Paddle the majestic Wailua River, original home of the first Hawaiians, who paddled 1500 miles from the Marquesas Islands to Kaua`i almost 1500 years ago. Hear the legends and learn about the flora and fauna of Kauai`s most sacred area. After paddling past numerous Heiaus along the cliff lines of the Wailua, you will reach Kamokila village, a replica of an ancient Hawaiian village and traditionally a sacred fishing and farming area. Soon you will come to the North Fork where you will paddle leisurely through the Garden Isle's most beautiful jungle river until you come to the trail head for Secret Falls. Enjoy a moderate hike through Kauai rainforest to an enchanting waterfall, which descends 120' into a natural pool surrounded by rocks and vegetation. Inclement weather rarely stops this fantastic journey!


The 4.5-5 hour trip includes lunch. Eat Hawaiian style after choosing ham, turkey, roast beef or vegetarian sandwiches plus fresh pineapple, chips, cookies & bottled water.

Your expert Kauai guide can also answer many other questions about our beautiful island.

Ancient River Kayak is devoted to making your time with us the most interesting and fun of all the activities available on our beautiful island. Of course, we have a head start... We have the Wailua River. It's a good idea to book your trip with us in advance of arrival. We only take 12 people in the morning and 12 in the afternoon - 6 days per week.

**There are no Wailua River guided tours allowed on Sundays.

7:15am & 12:45pm

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