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Aaron Martin, Guide

Aaron Martin - Kayak Adventures Guide
Home Town: Hudson, New Hampshire

Hobbies: Surfing, sailing, ocean kayaking, white water rafting, hiking,

Professional Memberships: PADI: Rescue diver, WMI: Wilderness First Aid, Hawaii State: northwest waters blue card holder

Ask me about: Flora/Fauna, marine biology, weather/climatology, Hawaiian history/culture, and how to have fun in general.

Favorite thing about being a guide: Educating guests, while introducing them to new stunning outdoor environments

Started Guiding: May 2004

Favorite place on Kauai: Kayaking the Na Pali coast under full moon

Biggest Accomplishment as a guide/ naturalist: being rich in life

After graduating an extroverted geographer from the university of New Hampshire, Aaron departed the east coast in 2004 in search of new horizons. His initial travels brought him to little cottonwood canyon, where he lived and skied Alta/Snowbird a full season before being introduced to the Aina of Kauai. Shortly after arriving he knew the islands were his home and has only left to undergo a medley of adventures. Some of these adventures include, sea kayak guiding remote tidewater glaciers of Alaska, white water rafting the Grand Canyon, and sailing around the world. He truly lives for people, shared experience, and the opportunity open peoples eyes to nature in all its beauty.

Bobby Gaetano, Guide

Bobby Gaetano - Kayak Adventures Guide
Hometown: Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Hobbies: surfing, hiking, yoga, taijiquan

Ask me about: flora/fauna, birds/wildlife, Hawaiian history/culture, restaurants/bars, Kauai beaches or any other fun things to do while here on the island

Favorite thing about being a guide: the people…I’m honored to work with such outstanding characters and always look forward to interacting with guests in such a beautiful setting…just having a great time!

Started guiding: August 2008

Favorite place on Kauai: North Shore Surf

Biggest accmplishment as a guide: “it isn’t the mountain we conquer but ourselves” Edmund Hillary

Thomas Fleming, Guide

Thomas Fleming - Kayak Adventures Guide
Hometown: Far Rockaway, New York

Hobbies: Outrigger Canoe Racing. Golfing with Hawaiians, Mountain Climbing, Macrame

Professional Membership: American Red Cross Lifeguard/Professional Rescuer CPR/First Aid, AASI- Level II. Garden Island Canoe Racing Association, AASFA-Actor, Bachelor of Arts -Tulane University

Ask me about: Religion and Politics, Fauna and Flora, Hawaiian History. English Romantic Poetry

Started Guiding: December 2004

Favorite Place on Kauai: NaPali Coast Anytime

Biggest Accomplishment as a Guide / naturalist: sharing abundance

After a brilliant career in the Swedish film industry, Thomas returned to America to resume his education, only to graduate with honors from Tulane University. But soon again he succumbed to the vagabond yearnings of his regrettably insatiable wanderlust, traveling throughout the Rocky Mountains, down through Mexico and Central America, over to Africa and finally settling on a resplendently remote archipelago in the Northern Pacific Ocean, where he guides unsuspecting innocents through the sublimity of the Wailua River Valley.

Davey Youngman, Guide

Davey Youngman, Kayak Adventures Guide
Home Town: Raised in Amherst, NH. High school in Hudson, NH .

Hobbies : Gardening, fixing surfboard dings, hiking, surfing, fishing, ocean kayaking, & building things that come to mind.

Ask me about: Hawaiian language , swimming spots, How to make your vacation more exciting. I also really like Orchids, fruit, plants & animals, hiking, surfing / boogie boarding.

Favorite thing about being a guide: I love being outdoors. The reason I came to Kauai was to be in the beauty of the island. I like getting people out there in nature &showing them a good time.

Started Guiding: April 2008

Favorite place on Kauai: Hiking or kayaking The Napali Coast.